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    • Creep effects

    What is concrete creep?

    What is concrete creep? Creep refers to the continuous deformation of a structural member under a constant load. This phenomenon has a significant impact on various materials, particularly concrete. The precise behavior of concrete creep [...]

    • Slump test of Pars Zagros construction project

    What is the slump test?

    Concrete Slump Test The concrete slump test is conducted to determine the workability or consistency of the concrete mixture provided in the laboratory or in the field. In other words, a concrete slump test is [...]

    • Concrete treatment with water spraying

    Concrete curing

    Concrete curing When discussing the concept of concrete curing, we are talking about the process of regulating the concrete's moisture content. The most crucial curing period is 28 days following concrete placement. Why are this [...]



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